Our Philosophy


Panagiotis Papadopoulos, known as former president of Thessaloniki’s Chamber of Commerce and Industrial was the founder of the GROUP. Creating a local glass store in the westside neighborhood of Thessaloniki in 1975 was the first step of the development of PAP GROUP. 

With his leading and motivating role, he taught ethics responsibility, transparency, fair business practices, safety, and respect for the environment in the spirit of constant evolution. Values and principles that set out the core of the GROUP.

He inspired his three sons to continue with passion their original and unconventional path to the world of enterprise and continue his legacy enriching the GROUPS’ brands.

“Only best glass is the most transparent, powerful versatile and unique way to complete a beautiful construction in the best possible way.”

Dear Partners,

When I first started running our family business, I knew that it would be hard to survive in such a difficult and quickly variable environment as the world of enterprise. However, I was obliged to carry on driving to the completion of my vision, according to the values and principles that my father, Panagiotis Papadopoulos taught me. 

The idea of having the ability to transform a place or a material and get something classier and more versatile was the trigger for the nativity of PAP GROUP’S vision.

Always in my life, I had that passion to rebuild the world and I am very grateful that my career path gave me that chance, through creating spaces with aesthetic and luxury elements. 

But what is our “world” mean? Maybe it is your home, your office that you are working on every day, or the places you often visit. What if I could give you the opportunity to rebuild your “world”? What if you could have the place of your dreams and as a result upgrade your quality of life? 

This is why PAP GROUP was established.

It would be an oversight not to refer the people who are members of PAP GROUP. They are inspired by our common dream by giving birth to our vision in order to become true. 

Armed with the modern technology and the vertical integration we have in our organization chart of the Group, always in direct collaboration with a network of reliable partners, we are here to make real every structure or system you have wished to have in your space. 

Sincerely yours,
Savvas Papadopoulos