& Distinctions

Innovations & Distinctions

In a spirit of constant innovation, GROUP evolved by looking directly into the future. PAP GROUP was a pioneer in glass processing at the national level even from its first generation.

In 1946 innovative products were added to the GROUPS range.

In 1982 PAP SAFETY was the first double insulating glass manufacturer.

In 1997 PAP SAFETY became the first Greek industry that produce laminated glass with PVB film.

In 2004 PAP SAFETY invested in jumbo dimensions silk-screen printing line, which led to becoming the largest glazing company in Greece.

In 2015 the GROUP brought a global innovation with the introduction of the GF01 system. A frameless double-glazing system, a structure partition of joint glass panels, where the metal parts of the casing are not visible, offers high levels of sound insulation.

All the innovations of PAP GROUP were introduced in numerous exhibitions, national and international, in which the GROUP participated from the very beginning in 1983.


Founder of PAP GROUP Panagiotis Papadopoulos was the President of Chambers for small and medium-sized industries in Thessaloniki from 2010 and second Vice President of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece with a huge interest in Thessaloniki’s economy and civilization.

In the election held in December of 2017, Panagiotis Papadopoulos was re-elected with 66,58% President of VETH and in February 2018 was second Vice President of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece.

Since 2018 PCA is a member of the SEVE Greek exporters association. Savvas Papadopoulos is part of the board of directors of the Chambers for small and medium-sized industries in Thessaloniki.